Is Online Blackjack Fair or Rigged?

Online blackjack is one of the best casino games among players, and the one game with the lowest house edge. The game was already top-rated at brick and mortar casinos, so it isn't surprising that it is popular on the internet. Even if it is quite famous, many players are wary of playing online because of fears of being cheated. There is the belief that many online blackjack games are rigged, or the software powering it can be affected by a bug. Even with this, you can identify the fair games and play them at trusted gambling sites like . This guide will outline all you need to look out for if you want to play fair blackjack.


How Do You Know a Trusted Online Blackjack Game

Online blackjack, like all other casino games, must be powered by a Random Number Generator. The RNG is used by transparent casino sites to deal with random cards to players at the beginning of the game and ensure that the outcome is also random. The software is used to make sure that games are fair, and no player is being cheated. Any licensed and legal casino will make use of an RNG in all its games. Apart from having the RNG, it should also be tested regularly to ensure that it is still working to give out random outcomes. It is also to ensure that there is no bug affecting the system. When choosing blackjack sites, check if the casino tests its RNG regularly.

Different software developers power online blackjack. This is why players have a wide range of blackjack games and websites to choose from. Always play the ones that were developed by famous and trusted companies and not those with obscure names. Developers like Playtech and Microgaming offer the most blackjack games, among others, and are known for being fair and transparent. Apart from software developers, it would be best if you also played blackjack at a trusted and reputable casino site rather than a no-name one. Don't play at a site that was set up very recently or one that isn't licensed. This way, you can protect yourself from getting cheated. When choosing an online casino website, look out for:

  • A wide selection of bonuses.
  • Convenient banking methods.
  • Other games apart from blackjack.
  • Optimized for use on mobile devices.

Online blackjack in sites that have been accredited by third parties can also be trusted. The most popular accreditation company is eCOGRA, an independent organization regulating casinos in the interest of the players. Casinos that are accredited will test their games and RNG routinely to ensure fairness. You can also read review sites to know if you can trust the casino or blackjack game. Reading reviews by other players or trusted websites can let you know if you should play that blackjack game or not. The final sign of a trusted blackjack game is the casino license. If an online casino is not licensed and regulated by the gambling commission in that country, nothing else matters.

Why Online Blackjack is Popular

Online blackjack offers the lowest house edge among other players, starting from 1.5% in Single Deck Blackjack. This is the first reason why players are in love with this casino game. This means that the Return to Player is 98.5%. For every 100 credits you wager, you win back 98.5% over time. Blackjack also pays out 3 to 2 most of the time, which means that for every 5 credits you bet, the payout is 7.5 credits. Blackjack also offers different side bets, which you can use to increase your wins while you play. Thus, blackjack offers a very decent payout and high chances of winning for anyone who plays a fair game with proven strategies.

Online blackjack is also very popular because of the straightforward gameplay. The game can be learned in a few minutes, and it can be mastered with a few practice rounds. When you get a new blackjack strategy, you can apply it to a free or real money blackjack game to test it. Lastly, blackjack offers a wide range of variants. If you enjoy playing blackjack, you should check if the casino you're playing at offers other types apart from the standard game. You can't enjoy blackjack if you aren't playing a fair and trusted game. So, for the question, 'can online blackjack be trusted?' the answer is yes, as long as you play it the right way.